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17th-Feb-2014 10:40 pm - FIC: savior
beholdthedrums: [Saxon] (This world will never do.)
Oh look I've done something.

Le gasp.

I needed something for AO3 1 Million and my Arrow fic that was original for it ended up getting longer. So Master muse stirred and decided to be useful. Yaaay.

263 words. Time of the Doctor. The Master looks up at the myriad of Police Box TARDISes moving through Gallifrey's stratosphere.
AO3 link.
3rd-May-2010 07:17 pm - FIC: Simple Little Things
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Character(s): The Master and The Doctor
Summary: Cupcakes and world-domination.
Rating: G
Words: 673
Warnings: Cracktastic.

For [ profile] rude_not_ginger and [ profile] justaddmarbles. As they are COMPLETELY AT FAULT FOR THIS HAPPENING. Courtesy of this exchange on D_M.

He’s had everything from paradox machines to plastic flowers, so the Master does know a thing or two about variety already. )
1st-May-2010 04:20 pm - FIC: Balance
beholdthedrums: [Saxon] (and it burnt to the ground)
This Taxon thread got me thinking this afternoon a bit about the ever-confusing relationship between the Doctor and the Master. No relation really to the thread itself.

God I haven't written much of anything lately. Though in other news I loved the recent ep...


It’s all about balance. It’s always been about balance. The Master pushes and pushes and the Doctor pushes right back; it’s the way of the universe, how they operate. They’re never on the same side of the scale for long. Temporary (very temporary), unspoken truces, occasionally pass between them, but in an instant the Master can dissolve them. Unleash his next big plan and send the Doctor raging out against him to stop it.

That’s how it’s always been: the Master is the evil and angry Time Lord, the Doctor is the sad and desperate soul trying to fix everything.

When that changes the Master isn’t sure what part he’s to play. It’s no longer a war of dark versus light; it becomes really-dark versus getting-more-dark. This Doctor, this Time Lord Victorious, the Master doesn’t know how to balance against him. There’s too much chaotic Time Lord on one side of the scale and no countermeasures on the other. What does he do with this Doctor? Why did he have to break the tug-of-war, leaving the Master on the ground after the rope’s gone limp?

What is he supposed to do now?
22nd-Feb-2010 05:55 pm - FIC: Burn at the Stake!
beholdthedrums: [Saxon] (Today we go to war!)
Character(s): The Master and The Doctor
Summary: Arriving in the middle of some poor bloke’s bedroom, during the time of this planet’s version of the Salem Witch Trials? The Master tsks in thought.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1,614

Not exactly Shades of Three. It's pre-story and only actually mentioned once in the fic. Was also written awhile ago.

And anything So3-related is post-s3 AU. So they're 'traveling' and... having issues. Ta-da.

It’s almost hysterical enough that he wants to rush around and give the TARDIS a hug, but that would only serve to reveal his position and put him up to the same fate that the Doctor was miserably facing alone. He claps his hands, rubs them together and a look of glee crosses his face; he walks around the console, still laughing, and the dead silence of the solemn TARDIS just makes it all even better. )
16th-Feb-2010 11:21 pm - FIC: I Am the Dream-Master
beholdthedrums: [Saxon] (Say that again?)
Rating: G
Words: 415
Warnings: Kinda cracky, and childhood being punched.

*rocks back and forth in a corner* Oh god I just punched my childhood in the face... So I was in Paixao chat and someone started off with "Imaaaaaaaaginaaaaation" that was to start... Reading Rainbow I guess, but of all things my mind stumbled into "Journey Into Imagination", a ride from Disney World that was revamped (for the worse, if you ask me) in like... the 1990s.

The Master decided to invade that moment of nostalgia. I think he's still sore about the whole Yana thing.

A dream can be a dream come true~ With just that SPARK! in me and you~ )
21st-Jan-2010 08:54 am - FIC: Replica
beholdthedrums: [Saxon] (I am NOT in denial!)
Character(s): The Master and John Smith (human!Doctor/10.5)
Summary: John Smith doesn't want to be the Doctor, but sometimes he has to try as hard as he can to fit that role.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1,920
Warning: Sort of dark, brief mentions of character death, angst >>;

Erm. Well. Initially I wanted to do some practice writing 10.5, because I hadn't really done much to work the muse in awhile. But. This kind of took a life of its own and skyrocketed into a completely different direction that was not the sort of practice I was looking for, buuuut I still really quite like the piece XDD;

It's... eegads it jerks at both characters in different ways. And yeah, neither are exactly happy with me. Inspiration was born out of this absolutely beautiful artwork. Honest to god, check it out. It's incredibly moving and you may wibble a bit, but it really is beautiful I love that artist ^^ 1000 Words is just as wonderful, btw, that makes me tear up.

But. Yeah. Guess that's it! Yay for cranking more fic out. Been needing more.

He follows to the places where he can see the light in the sky. It’s rare these days. These days, he has to climb to the highest building in the city, yet even the zeppelins still manage to block out most of his view. He dreams of other worlds that another-him has been to, worlds that he only has memories of. He’s lost so much of the mind of the Doctor, so much of Donna. He’s John Smith now, and he doesn’t know who he is at all. )

So, from this writing practice 'attempt', I have learned that I cannot mix the Master and 10.5 and expect good results lol. My mind has some exceptions to this! But not exactly many. They are not in a meshing mood.

Well, now if I could just finish part 3 of Of Egypt and Aliens, I'd feel productive!
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