The Drums of War
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22nd-Feb-2010 05:55 pm - FIC: Burn at the Stake!
beholdthedrums: [Saxon] (Today we go to war!)
Character(s): The Master and The Doctor
Summary: Arriving in the middle of some poor bloke’s bedroom, during the time of this planet’s version of the Salem Witch Trials? The Master tsks in thought.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1,614

Not exactly Shades of Three. It's pre-story and only actually mentioned once in the fic. Was also written awhile ago.

And anything So3-related is post-s3 AU. So they're 'traveling' and... having issues. Ta-da.

It’s almost hysterical enough that he wants to rush around and give the TARDIS a hug, but that would only serve to reveal his position and put him up to the same fate that the Doctor was miserably facing alone. He claps his hands, rubs them together and a look of glee crosses his face; he walks around the console, still laughing, and the dead silence of the solemn TARDIS just makes it all even better. )
16th-Feb-2010 03:30 pm - Shades of Three
beholdthedrums: [Saxon] (Ever the charming Saxon.)
Eleven chapters, 97 pages, 55,674 words.

I feel positively gleeful.

But seriously, how the hell do people manage NaNoWriMo? This took me like... a year. Although I was really stuck on one part for awhile, 'til I actually realized that there's really no information on the Gates of Elysium or the Nightmare Child, so really I could just use my artistic license lol. Huzzah to that.

I'll probably only post it on Teaspoon. IDK. Anyone know how loading something from the computer turns out? Any weird formatting creeping from nowhere? I've always done html posts. So3 is currently lacking HTML lol.

I know I've probably edited about half of it more than once, combed through many parts heavily... but gah, I need to do it again, and certainly read the whole thing through in one go. -.-;

Still needs a good chunk actually written in chapter eight too, technically... Whoops.

So it'll still probably be another good month or two til I actually get it to my liking and post the damn thing. BUT! I AM HAPPY. /o/ \o/ \o\

On unrelated notes:
- [ profile] taxonomites; I'll probably unglitch the Master tomorrow. If anyone wants Yana for anything else, just ask!

- I'm really irritated by the distinct lack of lyrics for Crooked Man by Show of Hands. I can't make out everything! Grrr. The lyrics I can make out, however, are just so very the Master :D
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