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The Master ([personal profile] beholdthedrums) wrote2010-05-01 04:20 pm

FIC: Balance

This Taxon thread got me thinking this afternoon a bit about the ever-confusing relationship between the Doctor and the Master. No relation really to the thread itself.

God I haven't written much of anything lately. Though in other news I loved the recent ep...


It’s all about balance. It’s always been about balance. The Master pushes and pushes and the Doctor pushes right back; it’s the way of the universe, how they operate. They’re never on the same side of the scale for long. Temporary (very temporary), unspoken truces, occasionally pass between them, but in an instant the Master can dissolve them. Unleash his next big plan and send the Doctor raging out against him to stop it.

That’s how it’s always been: the Master is the evil and angry Time Lord, the Doctor is the sad and desperate soul trying to fix everything.

When that changes the Master isn’t sure what part he’s to play. It’s no longer a war of dark versus light; it becomes really-dark versus getting-more-dark. This Doctor, this Time Lord Victorious, the Master doesn’t know how to balance against him. There’s too much chaotic Time Lord on one side of the scale and no countermeasures on the other. What does he do with this Doctor? Why did he have to break the tug-of-war, leaving the Master on the ground after the rope’s gone limp?

What is he supposed to do now?

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