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1st-Jul-2009 05:08 am - FIC: Post-It Notes
beholdthedrums: [Saxon] (Now that's a new one.)
Community: [ profile] justprompts
Prompt: Post-It Notes (picture)
Character(s): The Master, the Doctor
Words: 182

Yes, I have been having a [ profile] justprompts fest these last few days. I've been slacking so much, it's really overdue.

One of the first things the Master did after the Doctor managed to ‘keep him’ was mess with the TARDIS console. )
29th-Jun-2009 11:55 pm - ooc: Verses & Notes about the Master
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It's much more fun having the two in the same story in some way, honestly.


Any sort of concept that the Master and the Doctor are working together. Nooo set timeline, generally I'll lean towards a s3-AU wherein Martha saves the Master from dying. Not always though, I don't always decide XD; And... sometimes stuff I write for it are many years after, so they've already had their ups and downs or whatever XD;
    Family Ties

    Falls under 'Allies'. Post s4, Master resurrected somehow. Many, many, maaaany years later the pair are futzing around and the Doctor gets a certain message... long story short, they rescue Jenny, and then the trio continues to travel...


Probably even more self-explanatory than the 'Allies' verse XD Master is alive in some way shape or form and making evil in the universe lol. ...or, heck, possibly vis-versa :D

    Falls under 'Enemies' verse. Post s4, resurrects courtesy of Lucy 8D He later runs into Donna and a few wrong words causes her brain to crack open and he manages to 'save' her... while rearranging some things. Yay evil!Donna~


Hard to tell what's going on with the pair. Often times the 'beginning' of their 'travels' wherein... eventually something would likely change XD


I generally write him post-LotTL, AU. Med Student Martha Jones saves him life, yada-yada cliche. He hates her for it, given that she robbed him of his victory. From there, I rarely stay consistent XD; He's either traveling with the Doctor - willingly after awhile sometimes, or unwillingly (the beginning of their 'time together' I suppose) - or he's escaped to treat the universe to some havoc, lol.

When he's the more-or-less willing Master, he and the Doctor still snipe at one another, but it's... very rarely hateful. At this point, they've likely been traveling like this for awhile, and the Master has mellowed some. My reasoning for this? The TARDIS. Somewhere along the way I've decided that the TARDIS, once it and the Master get along, softens the drumming in his mind. Fills the empty space where the Time Lords use to be and makes life more bearable annnnd keeps him 'sane.' :D He never had much of a problem in his 'younger' regenerations 'cause he had his own TARDIS, but he lost the poor girl, unfortunately. I very much like this theory, lol.

He doesn't enjoy wars that he has no control over, and he certainly doesn't like anyone or anything trying to destroy the entire universe, because that leaves him nothing to rule over.
7th-May-2009 10:37 pm - FIC: Some of Both
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Community: [ profile] justprompts
Prompt: Strive for excellence, not perfection. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Character(s): The Master, mentions of Lucy and the Doctor
Words: 247

The Master strives for both, but I think when it really comes down to it he's often more on the perfection scale. *scratches head* Or maybe that's the Rani. Hmmm. The two of them are sort of in that 'both' category. Hard to lean one way. The Doctor definitely lean for excellence. He's often not perfect XD Comes with rushing things, I think.

Lucy was more geared towards the excellence, rather than everything being perfect. )
7th-May-2009 09:28 pm - FIC: Alternative Manipulation
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Community: [ profile] justprompts
Prompt: Woops you've been turned into a child. Now what?
Character(s): The Master, The Rani
Words: 1,351

Notes: AU Post-LotTL. Some spoilers for such. I suppose the Master has managed to flit around on Earth away from the Doctor.

'Aren’t you not supposed to let children go with random people?'  )
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