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warforged; permissions

Note: I'll edit/add more to this at another time.

Sum of it all: Yup I like awful things, let's talk and do them!

» OOC Permissions

    Backtagging: No tag is too old ;)

    Threadhopping: Always love threadhopping.

    Fourthwalling: Noooot really? Or at least ask me first, please. He will not react well if someone tells him he's just a character in a show, especially one focused on the Doctor. Think I'd prefer to just... avoid it aha.

    Offensive subjects (elaborate): It takes a lot to offend me, and it's exceedingly difficult to offend the Master. I can't think of anything.

    Original Characters - yay or nay? Elaborate if you wish: Have a ball!

» IC Permissions

    IC Triggers:
    Things to surely set the Master into a bout of anger is commenting about his body's state of dying, saying he's diseased, that sort of thing.

    Hugging this character:
    Ummm. You can try but he'll likely not let anyone get that close, and he has no qualms about attacking. But he might just be sarcastic about it. Really depends on the CR.

    Kissing this character:
    lol are you suicidal. Don't need permission, but the results may end up similar to the above.

    Flirting with this character:
    Go ahead. He might even flirt back if he's in a good mood.

    Romantic interest toward this character:
    Brick wall. He's not interested. Maybe, and it's a very big maybe, if he sees there is some large bit of gain for him, he might consider it. But it would only be to use/manipulate the person, so... yeah. Bad idea.

    Fighting with this character:
    Go for it. Blood, war, power! He'll fight back through underhanded and probably irrational methods at the cost of his own lifeforce. He doesn't appreciate being the weak one in a fight.

    Injuring this character (include limits and severity):
    I don't really have limits, since characters can be resurrected in [community profile] warforged. Know that if you deal him a severe injury, he'll probably spend part of his time hunting you down later :D;

    Killing this character:
    Ask first, but I'll probably be all for it because I'm awful like that. Once again, he'll probably try to hunt you down afterwards, and/or find other ways to make your life utterly miserable somewhere down the road. He's got time.

    Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character:
    Ask first. The likely answer is "no" because he has very strong mental shielding, but depending on the situation, his mental state might be in flux and his mind left more open.

    Revealing that character's future or intended fate:
    Uhh... ask... me? \o_O/ If it's his IG fate (presuming that's somehow know OOG), go for it. He'll likely flip out. But OOGly we haven't seen him again in Doctor Who yet.

    The Master is both mentally and physically unstable. This makes him dangerous and unpredictable, and the slightest thing can set him off and into a feral and/or hysterical state. He is capable of stability but honestly, even I cannot predict what route his state of mind will take during a thread, and have to generally deal with it as a tag-by-tag basis. So, yay surprises? Ahahaha.

» Powers

    Summon Imp: currently unable
    Summon Voidwalker: currently unable
    Summon Felhunter: currently unable
    Drain Soul: usable, primary spell
    Shadow Bolt: usable
    Rain of Fire: usable, but a bad idea

    Stealth: usable, primary
    Glib-Tongue: will fall into disuse once he realizes what it's doing to his mind (if he is allowed)
    Dragonbreath: small doses, only in dire situations, very little control to of it

This is sort of all theoretical, as the game has not started yet. In [community profile] warforged, the Master is a blacksworn Warlock. He will not be spellcasting a whole lot, as it drains from his own lifeforce as well, but he'll have his annoying imp rather soon, though not any other minion for a long while. At most he'll probably rely on occasional Shadow Bolts, but his primarily used spell will end up being Drain Soul, once he realizes he can use it to sustain his ever-dying body.

On that note, the Master will likely only drain from NPCs. Theoretically, he would drain from any of his opponents. Ideally he will only take "sips" from people, unless he's "in a mood" or really angry at someone. I will make sure to ask people if there's a situation where he would use Drain Soul on the player's character, unless I've been given prior permission already.

From the abilities he gets as a blacksworn, he'll mostly only use the Stealth, especially once he gets more accustomed to it. Lots of hiding in shadows and making imp do the dirty work. He will only use Dragonbreath in dire situations and only very small uses of it.